5 things to remember – while searching the perfect place to build a new custom home

There is no place called the best place to build a home, but you need to find the most convenient one that fits your bill – both economically and convenience wise. You have to hunt a lot or you can simply seek help of online home building portals such as BuildMyGhar.com and realize your dream.

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A home is the safety cocoon where you shut the chaotic world out and retire into the warmth of familiarity and comfort. So, it is an integral step to choose the best place to build a home. Before you plan to build a new custom home, there are various things to keep in mind in order to accomplish the dream.

There are new technologies being implemented in home building and you must explore more to bargain the best deals for your new custom home. The most crucial part though, is to find the right place to build a new custom home. Precast homes can serve you the best for getting a custom built home within the shortest time span.

Here we bring the most significant factors to consider while choosing the location of the plot/land for your custom home. We, believe choosing the perfect place is not too difficult, it involves taking care of the

  1. Availability of potable water resource

No matter where you prefer to build your house – be it a sea side plot or a valley in the mountains, in the middle of a chaotic city or a secluded place away from the hustle bustle, natural resources such as potable water play a key role in finalizing the deal. Without proper drinkable water, you possibly can’t stay in that place for few days, forget about building a home. When you enquire about buying the plot, make sure to ask about the fresh water resources and at what level the underground water is availed.

  1. Convenient to access facilities

Once, you have the need of natural resources at hand; proceed to the next important thing – convenience of facilities. It means facilities such as post offices, schools, hospitals, fire brigade, police stations, and banks availability in the locality, as well as their distance from the location. Now a days gas connection is given through underground pipelines, so make sure to enquire about that as well. If you are planning to buy a prefab home, it would be easy to do so in a proper piece of land.

  1. Road connectivity

Road connectivity is an important aspect of finalizing a location to build a new custom home. It would help you in transporting the raw goods/masonry for building conventional or prefab homes, commuting to and fro for work, as well staying connected to your friends and extended families.

  1. Easy to develop land/plot

Now, the kind of land to select for building your custom precast homes. The land or plot should be free of huge rocks and probably not a wetland, in case you are building a conventional house. But, for prefab homes, wetlands can be utilized for building a beautiful home. Usually being a modern day technique of home building, in precast the foundation in such wetland or river bed can be made using the piling technique. It allows the ground to get the load properly distributed without causing any harm to the house in future.


  1. Pollution free

The location should be pollution free. Always select a healthy environment for building a custom home. As in future places get populated and more polluted, choosing less crowded and pollution free place would allow you to breathe in fresh air as much as possible.

Apart from the above points, you need to remember that any place that makes you spend more money to make the place habitable is a loss. Saving money during construction and land selection would benefit you in other ways.

Do’s and dont’s while using precast

House building techniques and technologies are updating with time. Home owners are now actively coming forward to build their custom homes using prefab technology. Though, the market has expanded in past few years, one should be very careful while picking the builders for precast homes. There are numerous advantages of choosing custom home plans and some negligible draw backs.

Do And Don't

Let’s know the do’s and don’ts of using precast materials


  1. Choose the right builder

While you are all set to build your home with precast materials, make sure you have picked the best builder in the market. In case you choose someone with less expertise and a bad name in the market, there are chances that you are getting into trouble with the home building task.

  1. Quality raw material

It is important that the raw materials used for the precast components are of good quality. The better the raw materials the finer the outcome would be. This ultimately gives you the best quality of work for your precast home.

  1. Freshness of materials

Every building material has shelf life, ensure that your builder uses the fresh stock for your home, allowing it to have a longer life. Though, most construction companies provide their own precast materials to build the houses, it is good to know the manufacturing company, in case they are not manufactured by your builder.

  1. Final walkthrough of house and seal the deal

Make sure to take a final walkthrough of the complete structure is of utmost important. Keep asking the builder to share pictures of the work on progress, as you possibly can’t visit the site every other day. It would work as a proof for the commitment of the builder as well as help you keep track of the work and possible completion date.

  1. Mention special family needs – old or patient person at home

Let the builder know that the materials should be safe of any chemicals that may irritate your family members’ health. These may be toxic paints or coatings applied to the precast wall panels or the doors, threatening the safety for homes.


  1. Keep the precast unused in open

It is better to use the building materials as soon as possible, as lying in the open and unused might affect their colour. To keep their look and feel intact, don’t let them get stored unprotected.

  1. Pay extra if house on warranty

Don’t pay more than what is decided on paper, unless you have requested some extra features or additional things beyond the primary requirement.

  1. Go overboard with the designing

Going overboard with the designing beyond the custom home plans may cost you more while building your dream nest with precast. Everything that is extra raises the building cost and you might have no idea when the budget will exceed the estimated cost.


Though, most of the above are common aspects that we all know about building precast homes, but pay less heed to, having them followed would cause no harm at all. When utilized in the right way building materials would produce better quality of work and a longer life to the precast home. As these houses are designed and planned by expert designers and architects, the dimensions of each piece of material (such as wall panels, and slidings) affects the entire design and load balancing of the entire structure of the custom home. A slight change in length, height, or breadth of the structures would affect the entire set up, as the positions of the bolting points would differ, height of the panel might imbalance the load balancing of the roof and so on.

How to set up a security system for your new custom home

Here is how to set up a home security system

Building a dream home is of utmost importance for each one of us, but most of us pay less significance to securing our homes with the latest security system. It does not matter whether your area is prone to thieves and burglars or not; securing your home and family with the right security system is an incredible tool that lets you sleep peacefully every day. Advanced technologies in modern devices offer round the clock security to your house.

There are two ways to opt for a home security set up – wired and wireless ones. Though, the wireless one is a bit expensive, it is easy to maintain and offers better features than a wired one. Now a days ,they are quite affordable and certainly they are not more precious than the safety and well-being of your home and loved ones.

The first step to set up a home security system in your new custom home is to decide on the budget. We would suggest you to include this aspect while planning the construction project itself. It would save both time and money. How much you want to spend on a security system is important – it would let you choose what features are necessary for you. Whether you have security cameras or motion sensors to detect and alert unusual activities around the home is up to you. Types of devices and programs installed would determine the cost.

Once you decide on the type of devices, you have to finalize

  • if you need sensors for all the doors and windows and get them connected to the central security system
  • how long the security camera should record the footages of movements
  • whether you need your wireless security system to alert the police automatically in case of suspicious activities
  • a proper place to mount the camera and mount the receiver close by to track and transmit the information

Automation system

Get the electric fencing done and connect it with the central security unit of your new home. To make your custom home safe and secured for your family, these steps are prevalent. The fence should be able to send signals and let the alarm go off when intruders try to invade your property.

Once you have everything in place, set up the central unit at an easy to manage space and switch the system on. Conduct a test to confirm that sensors on the doors and windows are enable to track the movements and activate the security alarms. Just like a fire drill, let your children know how to use the system and tell them that if there is a security access code offered to every member of the family, they shouldn’t share the same with their friends or anyone else. Let every device interact with others perfectly and you can stay protected from thieves and burglars.

Safety is of paramount importance and we should make it a habit to double check if everything is at place and the centralized security system is turned on, before stepping out of the house even if for a few hours, because you never know when disaster awaits to strike your happy home.

Let technology protect you from the possible intruders and simplify the process of safe-keeping your property and family. Even if you are away from home with the entire family or out for few days when the kids are on their own, such a secure system for your custom home would let you sleep in peace. Keeping your worries at bay is possible when a reliable monitoring system is there to give you remote updates about your home.

Building Your Dream Home in 90 Days now as Easy as 1-2-3


It’s a dream of everyone to own a home of their own some day. If you are ready with the budget and a plot to build your dream home, all you are going to need are the services of a good architect and a construction firm which can bring your dream abode into reality. If you haven’t been able to find someone so far and you really are looking forward to get nothing less than the best, BuildMyGhar is just the platform where you can find it all.

Even if you don’t have a plot available with you, you can find some great options listed on this very web portal.

How It Works

As a company driven by innovation and advanced technology, BuildMyGhar is an online portal where you can find thousands of designs for homes of all sizes. You just have to go through the list and select the home construction designthat you think is just what you want. After that, the company will send its experts as well as materials (unassembled), and will work out a feasible plan to deliver you your home in a matter of 90 days!

The Team

BuildMyGhar employs a team of specialists from different domains, who have graduated from the country’s most reputed institutions like IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, IIM Lucknow, and more. Their average experience of more than 8 years ensures that you are always able to find every minute detail ofhome construction designwell looked-into while devising your home. So whether it is the walls, flooring or the ceiling of your home, everything will be crafted, structured and finished just as per your preset preference.

Reviews About The Company

If you have any doubt regarding the company or its amazing unbelievable way of working, you can go through the reviews available for it over the internet. The company boasts of an excellent work record, which itself is also a credential of it that places it in a league of its own.

The company also has its presence over social media platforms as well. By visiting its page you can not only get access to its home construction designs, features and benefits, but can also gain information about how people rate it, and can even leave a rating of your own.


For any further detail or query, you can always speak with its friendly customer care representatives and have your concerns answered right away.